How Do I Tell If A Plastering Job Has Been Done In A Quality Manner?

Plastering is a process of covering the walls and ceiling of a house or a building with Plaster of Paris or other plastering materials to give it a smooth finish and a cleaner touch. A good plastering job is done while keeping in mind that the final product is smooth to touch and clean-looking. Whereas a bad plastering job looks clean and gritty, it feels rough to touch and doesn't look like a quality job. But, it is really hard to differentiate a good plastering job from a bad one. So, how do I tell if a plastering job has been done in a quality manner?  You can tell this if you know how a good plastering job is done.


Things to keep in mind to ensure the quality of plastering job


A solid plastering task is achieved while keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is smooth a final product which also appears clean and bright. Here are a few things to check to ensure the high quality plastering was done properly by the local plastering contractor:

  • Inspect the required items before the plastering has begun: Check for all the openings (like electric-hole openings) are completely cemented and covered. Let the walls (block-work) dry for seven days before starting the plastering job. The cement should not be older than three months and use finer sand.
  • During plastering: Wet the surfaces that need to be plastered to prevent it from absorbing and retaining water. Uniformly mix and the mortar should be used within the one hour. For the purpose of plastering the ceiling, the cement mortar ratio should be 1:4 and for plastering the walls the cement mortar ratio should be 1:6. Ensure plastering is evened at all points. Check for inconstancies and not even surfaces by using spirit levels. Make sure that all plastered surfaces are cured for the complete recommended duration.
  • After plastering: It isn't that the plastering job is done so your job is also finished. You have to take care of it after plastering too. Cure the works for at least 10 days and clean the waste after the work.

If you follow all these points while getting your plastering job done you will get a quality and smooth finished product. 


If plastering job has been done in a quality manner? 


When you look at the finished product, look out for undulations and variations in the level of plaster. If the walls or ceilings has a gritty surface then it isn't a good plastering job. To tell if a plastering job has been done in a quality manner you have to have a little knowledge of plastering job to help you identify one. It appears bright and clean, it looks even and it is smooth to touch. A quality plastering job is done with patience and skill. It takes hours of work and the right knowledge to get a plastering job done in a quality manner. 


Plastering can enhance the beauty of your walls and can make them appear aesthetic. Make sure plastering is done in quality manner.

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